Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Old Manicure Spam

 Soo...I guess apologies are in order. I have not managed to figure out to be good about blogging when real life gets hectic, so here are some past manicures, some are more recent than others.

Sally Hansen Celeb City with Cirque Ophelia (middle and pinky) and Essie Stroke of Brilliance (index and ring)

Cirque Ophelia is gorgeous and a dream to apply.

Pound of Glitter's Gray Matter

I believe this was 3 coats over Sally Hansen Celeb City. I used 3 coats because I wanted it to be darker,  I'm sure it's a two coater for most people.

By the way, Celeb City has been used multiple times because I often do my nails not at home and Celeb City was probably the only silver in my traveling case for a while.
This is the only semi-decent picture I could get of Cirque Vaudeville, but this is a seriously gorgeous color!

Lynnderella Nosegay over Zoya Kristen. 

Whimsical Ideas by Pam's Peanut Butter and Jelly

A-England's St. George

I could not get a half-way decent picture of this gorgeous polish.

I hope you enjoyed looking and I promise to be better about updating!

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Breakfast time! Tough as Nails Lacquer's Breakfast Combo No. 1

About a month ago, I saw this super adorable nail polish duo by Tough as Nails Lacquer called Breakfast Combo No. 1, but I didn't get it until recently. As soon as I saw them in person, I was in love. Go Sit On A Egg and The Baconian Method are too cute for words.

Go Sit On A Egg is described as "a delicious almost white but still yellow jelly-based lacquer with gold, yellow, and orange hex glitters dispersed throughout." A perfect description of this polish.

I used 3 coats to get the opacity and look I desired. This polish is adorable and definitely reminds of eggs.

The formula was good, opaque enough so there was a visible white base, but clear enough so that you can see the layers of glitter, which were easy to get out and place. My only complaint with the formula was that the it shows every flaw on my nails
The Baconian Method is described as a "brown glitter topcoat. It includes brown, orange, red, black, and white glitters in hex and bar shapes."

I used 4 coats for these pictures and I love this polish, but I should have layered it so I grabbed the only brownish polish I had with me at time and did just that.
Oo and here's a close pretty. 

It just so happens that the only brown (or rather close to brown) I had with me was Cirque French Roast, which is a GORGEOUS glitter polish with hints of gold and copper.   
 This is 3 coats of French Roast without a top coat, but it could have used one since it has a rather gritty texture.

I used 2 coats of The Baconian Method and now you can really see it.
Formula for The Baconian Method was perfect. I only wish I had used a base-coat on top of French Roast because I don't like how the grittiness is showing.

I love this adorable polish duo and everyone should check out Tough As Nails Lacquer on Facebook or Etsy.
Anyone craving breakfast now?

Monday, September 10, 2012

Comparison Time- All of Time and Space vs. Never Enough of These

Today, I have a comparison of one of my precious polishes, Nerd Lacquer's All of Time and Space, to Pound of Glitter's (a newer indie polish and polish jewelry maker) Never Enough of These.

I saw My Lucid Bubble did a comparison of the two and I couldn't help but want to see the differences for myself. 

All of Time and Space is on my Index and Ring Finger while Never Enough of These is on my Middle and Ring Finger. 
I used 3 coats for both polishes in all of these photos. The formulas for both polishes were about the same. They were both a little sheer and even with 3 coats there are empty spots, both of them would be better to layer over a mint green polish.

The big difference between these two polishes is the color. All of Time and Space has a more pigmented base, at 3 coats it is significantly greener than Never Enough of These. Never Enough of These wins in the pink hex glitter department.  All of Time and Space has a lot more silver hex glitter and small magenta pink while Never Enough of These has significantly more pink hex glitter and an equal amount of small glitter.

In conclusion, If you are lemming All of Time and Space than Never Enough of These should do the trick. It is a gorgeous polish with an awesome formula.

You can check out Pound of Glitter polishes on her Facebook page and buy Never Enough of These and her other polishes at Etsy.

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Stained Glass Window Nails - Some Layering Fun

I was a bit bored when I did this manicure and decided to have a little fun.

 The end result reminds me a bit of stained glass, what do you think?

The base is Revlon Royal and is layered with Icing's After Party and stamped with Sally Hansen Celeb City.

Thanks for looking.

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Teal Tuesday - Ovarian Cancer

It's time for Teal Tuesday and this week's theme is Ovarian Cancer or rather Ovarian Cancer Awareness.  September is Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month and Friday is National Wear Teal Day.

I used Maybelline Tenacious Teal, Milani Teal and a random white polish.

Check out Teal Toes(on Facebook) or at their Website, to learn more about Ovarian cancer and learn how you can help.

And remember to wear teal on Friday and check out everyone else's Teal Tuesday manicure.