Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Zoya Zara

My nails are currently sad. I had to cut them and I realize they really aren't all that short and the shape is quite lovely, but I'm always a little sad when I cut them. Luckily, I chose the perfect post-cut color, Zoya Zara is perfection! Zoya describes Zara as a "vivid blue-toned light purple with strong golden duochrome shimmer. Gives a magical look to nails." It doesn't just give a magical looks to nails, it is magic.'s not magic, but I do love this polish a lot. I managed to dent the polish on both middle fingers so Caged Bird Hallowishes came to the rescue!

Hallowishes is described as a "clear base with a blend of orange holographic and orange metallic glitters laced with royal purple and holographic stars, and a dusting of iridescent glitter to give a spooky sparkle to your nails." It makes me think of super heroes and therefor makes me feel or pretend to be one as I wear it. 

Zara had a wonderful formula. It went on smoothly, didn't pool or clump and dried quickly. I used two coats to achieve desired opacity.

In bright lights the gold/copper shimmer comes alive, but even in dim lighting this polish is magic! As you can see in the dark camera phone picture there is gorgeous pink and green shimmer. 

purple is not color accurate

I used 1 coat of Hallowishes using the dab method. The stars were a little tricky to get out, but I managed to get one star on each of my fingers. 

If you don't already own it, go buy Zoya Zara it is magical! Remember to check out Caged Bird Nail Lacquers for some fun cute polish. 

Thanks for looking!

For more information about Caged Bird Nail Lacquers go to their Etsy and/or Facebook page. 

Monday, November 5, 2012

Hare Spam

After Bury the Hatchetfish, I was worried about the formula with the rest of my Hare's. So I broke out my untried Hare's, I can now happily report that Bury the Hatchetfish was a fluke. The formulas for the following polishes were all wonderful. They were easy to control and had excellent glitter pay off.

Pegasus is a lilac jelly polish with silver hex glitter. I used 3 coats to get desired opacity. 

I actually think with 3 coats it has too much glitter and would layer it next time over a pale purple like Essie Lilacism or Zoya Malia.

Afterglow is a dark blue jelly with orange, purple and pink glitter. I used 3 coats to get desired opacity. 

I was disappointed with Afterglow, I was a bright cobalt blue instead of the dark navy blue that is shown. 

Dog Day Dream is a red jelly polish with pink, purple and orange glitter. I used 2 coats to get desired opacity.

Dog Day Dream is gorgeous that is all.

look at all the variety in glitter shape and color...perfection!

Thanks for looking!

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Hare Bury the Hatchetfish

Bury the Hatchetfish is part of Hare's Fall Collection, The Illuminated Life. It is a taupe/light brown jelly polish with blue and purple glitter.

I decided not to layer it over anything and used two very thick coats to get the desired opacity.

The formula for Bury the Hatchetfish was awful. It was very thick and clumpy. After I added thinner, the polish was a lot more manageable.

I think the color of the polish looks muddy, thanks to my skin tone, and would layer it over a deep brown or purple next time.

Thanks for looking!