Monday, October 29, 2012

Pretty Serious BSOD

Say hello to some blue glitter polish heaven, Pretty Serious' BSOD is a gorgeous blue jelly polish with blue glitter.  BSOD or the Blue Screen of Death is part of the Hello World collection.


While the BSOD would normally bring feelings of frustration this polish just brings feeling of awe. In real life, the base is a brighter royal blue than my pictures are depicting.


I used two coats to achieve full opacity.

Pretty Serious polishes are available for sale at

 I hope everyone in Sandy's way stay dry and safe. It's a bit windy and a little rainy where I am and I hope it stays that way.
Should I start doing this for my nails?

Good luck everyone and thanks for looking!

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Glittery kitties and web

I'm back again with a random manicure that I've done recently. This is one an evolving manicure, I just kept adding on to it because I never was completely satisfied with it.

I started off with Ruby Wings Eclipse. Ruby Wings is a polish I found at Urban Outfitters that is supposed to change colors in the sun, I never did notice a big color change and I hated the formula. It was very watery, so it was very hard to control and took about 3 coats to even it out. I then got bored with a cream and decided I needed glitter and put Maybelline Lavender Sparks on my middle finger. I love this glitter! It is just gorgeous, it is a lovely collection of lavender glitter in a few different sizes with some small holo glitter added in. I love it and I think everyone should go out and buy it!

Then I got bored and decided to stamp. I used Sally Hansen Glossy to stamp on the kitties and web from the DRK-A plate.

lights spots are annoying :(

Thanks for looking!

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Slime Time

 October has begun and so has Halloween season. My nails have been slimed! 

I used Color Club Tweet Me (one of the birchbox exclusives) as a base with an Unknown Color Club green (possibly Rebel Debutante) and OPI Don't Mess with OPI.

Thanks for looking!