Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Glittery kitties and web

I'm back again with a random manicure that I've done recently. This is one an evolving manicure, I just kept adding on to it because I never was completely satisfied with it.

I started off with Ruby Wings Eclipse. Ruby Wings is a polish I found at Urban Outfitters that is supposed to change colors in the sun, I never did notice a big color change and I hated the formula. It was very watery, so it was very hard to control and took about 3 coats to even it out. I then got bored with a cream and decided I needed glitter and put Maybelline Lavender Sparks on my middle finger. I love this glitter! It is just gorgeous, it is a lovely collection of lavender glitter in a few different sizes with some small holo glitter added in. I love it and I think everyone should go out and buy it!

Then I got bored and decided to stamp. I used Sally Hansen Glossy to stamp on the kitties and web from the DRK-A plate.

lights spots are annoying :(

Thanks for looking!


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