Thursday, July 12, 2012

The Addiction is Now Public!

I am a relatively new nail polish addict, but am becoming more and more obsessed each day. I have become hypnotized by the variety in colors, finishes and brands; and have decided to share and chronicle my new addiction.

As my blog name suggests, I am a huge klutz and sometimes have trouble getting my nails to look the way I envisioned them, nonetheless, I still think all polished nails are awesome and love to do any nail art I can with my limited hand control.

So, I hope you will enjoy staring at my nails :)

Some Manicures from the Past


  1. Yay first follower/commenter! I feel so 'myspace' saying that lol. Welcome to the blog world ^-^

  2. Hey Klutzy Hands,

    My name is Justin and I am the VP of Marketing for the Megan Miller Collection. I see that you recently "liked" our fan page on Facebook. Thank you very much for that. As our new official fan, we would like to give you an digital coupon for 25% off all orders over $20 on our online store. Unfortunately, it would not let me message you so please message our Facebook page directly if you would like to redeem your coupon.

    With many thanks,


    1. oo I will have to fix that and will do! Thank you!


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