Monday, July 16, 2012

Nail Mail!!

I came home today to some awesome mail! Actually awesome doesn't describe it, but thanks to preorders, restocks, blog sales, swaps and a hoarder mindset these pretties are mine!!

Hare polishes are so gorgeous, I'm so glad to finally have gotten my hands on a few.

From left to right is Asteroid Turf, Dog Day Dream, Magic Mist, Why so Igneous? and Heat Plague.

Here are some close ups:
It's time to ooh and ahh
I swapped one of my unused Nerd Lacquers for Holy Grail.
I can't wait to find out if it actually glows in the dark!

I've been craving a gold holo, so when Enchanted polishes were restocked I went for Austin Powers and couldn't resist Awesomenes. I'm glad I caved, look at that rainbow!

I can't wait for swatching time! If my nails could drool they would be. Now, I have one problem, which polish should I try first?!?

In case you didn't know:
-Enchanted polishes are sold at Llarowe for $15 (however, all colors are being discontinued except Hey Jude, Across the Universe, Octopus's Garden and Secret Sauce)
-Hare polishes are sold on her Etsy page and starting July 27th will also be sold on Llarowe.
-Nerd Lacquer's are no longer being sold, so stalk swap boards and blog sales.

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