Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Quick swatches

I wanted to swatch my new polishes just so I could I see how pretty they are and I thought I would share.

Starting from the top right to the bottom left is Enchanted Awesomeness, Enchanted Austin Powers, Hare Heat Plague, Hare Magic Mist, Hare Why So Igneous, Hare Dog Day Dream, Hare Asteroid Turf, and Nerd Lacquer Holy Grail.
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I'm in love with all of these except Heat Plague, but I might need to layer that one to actually appreciate it. Right now, the glitter just looks a bit too muddy and congested for my taste. I also think I will need to layer Magic Mist and Holy Grail in order to get them to really pop.

I used two coats for all of these swatches.

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