Friday, August 3, 2012

Evolution Mani fail

My Julep box arrived on Wednesday and I decided to do a simple manicure using Alfre. Julep describes Alfre as a royal metropolitan purple metallic, which sounds right up my alley.

Unfortunately, this manicure was just a fail from the start. I could hand the brush strokes that are common with metallic polishes, what I couldn't handle was the inability for this polish to dry even after a coat of a fast drying top coat. I don't actually blame the polish for this, I blame the weather.  Even after the period of sitting still for what seemed like an excruciating long period, I managed to smudge and dent my nails badly; horribly on both of my index fingers. It was late and I didn't have time to completely redo my nails and I didn't want to get naked, soo I put cute little pink bird decals on my index fingers to try to hide the worst of the damage.

This is what it looked like in the end:

Here is a close up of the brushstrokes:

I like the color of this polish and at a later cooler date I will work at removing the brushstrokes.

The next day at work, I was constantly staring at nails with disgust. There were soo many imperfections that weren't there the night before, but I didn't want to give up and decided to try and hide the problem areas. Glitter was the obvious solution and Hare's Why So Igneous? had been screaming at me, literally screaming "use me! use me!", well maybe I imagined that ;) But I was also in the mood for a gradient, so I decided to use my screaming polish on my left hand and do a gradient with the same color scheme as Why So Igneous? on the right.

The polishes I used:
My camera hates purples. the Pop and julep are both color inaccurate in this photo.

My left hand is beautiful! Hare Why So Igneous? is just gorgeous. I couldn't ask for a better glitter polish in terms of appearance and formula. I have no complaints and therefore will stop talking about it and instead show you.
Please ignore the missing chuck, I had to move some furniture before I was able to take pictures.

My nail tale is not over yet, it's time for my right hand. My right hand is just blah! I used China Glaze Liquid Leather, Pop Violetto and then topped it with Icing's Eenie Greenie Miney Mo(I love the name!). The colors just didn't play well together and the bright Pop color turned into a dark maroon color over Alfre.

Eenie Greenie Miney Mo is comprised of small green and orange glitter. It's a lovely glitter that is being majorly held back by layering.

And speaking of Icing polishes, you should all go to The Icing (n/a) and buy some polish. Look at this lovely display:

I had to use some major self control and in the end only bought one polish, anyways, thanks for looking at my failed evolving manicure.

And the lesson of this manicure: Sometimes glitter is the only solution.


  1. It does suck when a polish doesn't turn out the way you want! At least you were able to find a way to cover the bad! :)

  2. I Just wanted to stop by and say I enjoy your blog!!! I've tagged you for a Leibster Award, details on my blog page :)
    Have a great weekend!
    Gini @ sassypaints2012 =)


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