Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Lynderella Chocolotta Love

For whatever reason, Chocolotta Love was one of my biggest lemming. My friends called it the poop polish, but I just saw shiny prettiness!

Finally, I saw it on a blog sale for a price that I considered sort of reasonable and finally it became mine!

I decided to layer it over two different base colors, so I ended up with Julep Felicity on my left hand and Deborah Lippmann Sugar Daddy on my right.

Julep Felicity was also part of my August Julep box and thankfully behaved a lot better than its companion, Alfre. There are still some brush strokes, but they weren't nearly as prominent and two coats was perfect. My only complaint is that it is just an awful color with my skin tone, these pictures are actually making it look better on me than it really does. This polish is going to be awesome for stamping though.

I took advantage of the Nordstrom's sale and bought three Deborah Lippmann polishes: Sugar Daddy, Mermaid's Dream and Flash Dance. I decided Sugar Daddy would be an interesting and pretty base for Chocolotta Love and now I am in love with Deborah Lippmann polishes...sigh :( Sugar Daddy has a perfect formula and the color is just gorgeous, I hope you don't mind the the million and one pictures of it.

This is 2 coats

Gods! I love this polish!!! I love the duochrome effect here, I just wish I could have taken better pictures for you guys. 

Anyways, Sugar Daddy is not meant to be the main event so here is Chocolotta Love.

Two coats over Felicity:

Two coats over Sugar Daddy:

I should have layered this over brown and embraced the poop with fruit loops stuck in it appearance, but instead I chose some lackluster combos.  I'll have to try it over brown before I make a  final decision, but so far I am disappointed. Color combos are personal preferences, but Chocolotta Love had some formula issues; It was thick and hard to get consistent coats of glitter.

Here's one more photo for you and Thanks for looking!


  1. I have nominated your for the Versatile Blog Award, check out my post here for directions.

  2. Replies
    1. It's a really great color. Btw do you have a blog? I keep on wanting to follow you, but when I click your name it's say your profile is private :(

  3. I nominated you the Versatile Blog Award also!

  4. I've had so many problems with finding a nice layering combo for Chocolotta... it was pretty much my only Lynnderella lemming, but I still haven't found something to layer it over that really pops. I'll think I'll have to try a dark brown creme next time, see if that makes a difference...

    1. It's tough! I need to try it over a dark brown, but that just seems so less interesting lol idk

  5. It's so hard finding a golden two-coater...

    1. If you don't mind a few brush strokes, it was great.


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