Thursday, August 23, 2012

Naild'it Froggy Pond

I have no other associations for today's polish besides it's name so here is Froggy Pond by Naild'it. This is the second polish I have tried by Naild'it and I am a fan. Froggy Pond is full of matte macro yellow, teal, and black with a sparse hint of larger purple hex glitter. 

I used two coats on top of Zoya Zuza (index), Myrta (middle), Carmen (ring) and Arizona (pinky). I didn't layer Froggy Pond over anything on my thumbs and used four coats to achieve the opacity I desired.

The formula was a little thick or gloopy (the way I think of it) and the dab method for glitter would have been perfect to use in this case, but I didn't and had a little trouble placing the glitter as you can most easily tell on  my index finger. The lily pads or the big purple glitter were easy to get and I believe I have at least one on each of my fingers. 

Froggy Pond is a lot darker than I was expecting, especially on it's own, but I like the way it looks on it's own the best.

oii look at all those runaway glitters

If you are interested in Naild'it Polishes head to her Etsy shop or check out her Facebook page for updates. 

Thanks for looking! 


  1. I think I like it best on it's own too. It's lovely over the blue on your index finger. :)

  2. Oh gosh, such a super nice & awesome nail design. I love it:)
    I love your blog as well so I'm now following:)


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