Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Summer Winter Wonderland - CrowToes Bunny Slope

Today, I have a nail polish to help you beat the heat. CrowToes Bunny Slope is a winter wonderland in a bottle and it is just gorgeous!

soo pretty!
I layered two coats of Bunny Slope over Savina Wisteria. Savina Wisteria is a gorgeous lavender purple with silver shimmer. I tried to capture the shimmer for you, but it wanted to hide.

The formula on Wisteria was wonderful. I used two coats and had full coverage - I know my index finger looks like it has major bald spot, but that wasn't the way it looked in person. 

Savina polishes are sold at Nordstrom Rack and I'm not sure where else, sorry.

Back to Bunny Slope. I love the way this polish looks, it is described as a mix of white, silver and opalescent glitters mixed in a clear base. 

 It is just gorgeous! 

I know a lot people have been having formula issues with CrowsToes polish, but I am not one of them. This polish was a little thick, but not unmanageable and I didn't have any problems getting the glitter where I wanted.

Overall, I absolutely love this polish!

CrowsToes polishes are sold at Llarowe and Overall Beauty.


  1. Bunny Slope is GORGEOUS! I absolutely love it! <3 Really does remind me of snow!

  2. This looks gorgeous! I love it over that purple =)

    1. Thank you, it looked even prettier in person. I definitely think everyone needs this one.

  3. That is such an amazing polish, I think it would be perfect for christmas over a red or something! x

    1. I'll have to do that when the Christmas season approaches.


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